Blog Reader Giveaway!

We are trying something new on our blog and we want you guys to reap the benefits! We’re going to do a giveaway! To enter all you’ll need to do is leave a comment with your name (the more you comment will NOT get you more entries, so just one comment per person please. Also commenting on our Facebook wall or via our Twitter will NOT enter you, so please be sure to comment on our blog). We’ll announce our winner via our blog as well, so make sure to check back and see if it’s you!
Our six pair packs are a great value in fun colors and patters so we thought this would be a great giveaway item!
Check back Monday, July 18th to see if you are one of the lucky winners!!!

31 responses to “Blog Reader Giveaway!

  1. Kelly O'Neill

    Your socks are awesome. Great quality. Loving the animal prints! Grrr!

  2. The pictures look like fun socks


    I love your socks!

  4. They’re so cute! 🙂

  5. Catrina

    Ooh! short socks are awesome for summer!

  6. Cam Collins

    Such cute socks!

  7. Those are all really cute :3 This is a good way to get new blog readers haha.

  8. Kate

    Oooh, what fun! I’m in! I love the black socks with the rainbow colors for the heels & toes especially.

  9. Martha Close

    Cute sock patterns and colors!

  10. Amanda Newell

    Fantastico! I kinda wish it was for over-the-knee socks instead, but footies are great for working out in.

  11. Marilyn Anderson

    K Bell socks are the best….always wearing a pair for golf!!

  12. Anna Findlay

    Adorable! I don’t have nearly enough short socks. I need excuses to wear cute shoes instead of just sandals all summer 😉

  13. Sarah Hoouseholder

    Don’t know where I would be without my K Bell short socks

  14. A K. bell blog!?!? just one other thing that I will have to follow religeously (i’ll work on my spelling too)

  15. Maria Kriesel

    K.Bell socks are even more fab-u-lous than my snake skin socks I made out of my pet copperhead, ZuZu. K.Bell always in my heart!!!

  16. Amanda K

    I love your socks and always enjoy seeing the newest ones featured

  17. I am a sock addict!
    ~Sarah Nelson

  18. Jasna Delic

    I’m a sock-a-holic.. 🙂

  19. Deborah Thompson

    sock dreamin

  20. Honor

    Ooh I’m digging the striped & blackout ones! You should have a polka dot pack, now that would be awesome.

  21. Shawna McD.

    Cute socks! Those would look so great with my handmade skirts!

  22. Irene

    Stripey Stripey

  23. Elisha Thomas

    ooh, very cute socks!

  24. bikher

    What an awesome promo. Thanks!

  25. Mindee Larsen

    I would love to win some of your fabulous socks! They are so cute!!


    Mindee Larsen 😀

  26. Mark

    Thanks for your great selection of cool socks!!!

  27. I love socks – these are so cute!

  28. Cindy Ellis

    I absolutely love the soft and dreamy socks, and the knee highs are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

  29. aubree

    your socks are the bees knees! ❤

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