Give a Thoughtful Gift!

If you’re like me, you haven’t even thought about what to get everyone for the holidays yet! Luckily K. Bell can help! Send loved ones a wearable greeting with our Socks with Thoughts! Each sock comes on an insert with plenty of room to write a personal message and a colorful envelope to send anywhere! Everyone loves adorable comfy socks to wear, and this week we are giving away all six, yes SIX, of our holiday Socks with Thoughts collection! Comment below and tell us who you would send a Sock with Thoughts to, and be entered to win one of the holiday sets!

9 responses to “Give a Thoughtful Gift!

  1. Lincy L Han

    My mommy!

  2. Jan Seymour

    Socks With Thoughts are the perfect holiday gift for that distant relative that you never know what to get, your college friends that you only see once a year, and older girlfriends who keep saying “don’t get me anything because I’m down sizing”. It is the THOUGHT that really counts because everyone loves them!

  3. If I could I would give a pair to everyone I know

  4. Fiona

    I want to send a Socks with Thoughts to my best friend!


    If I could, I would send socks to my mom. She bought 2 packs of k. bell ankle socks last year at costco in st louis. she absolutely loves them. but when a friend of mine needed clothes because her family lost their home to a fire, my mom gave her the new pack and half of her used ones to my friends family along with the clothes we had for a yard sale in the spring. my mom always struggles to pay the bills and keep up with her at home work. my dad is on disability and cant work right now. she went back to costco and they only have the no show, which she does not like. she is deserving of the socks

  6. Mary Le

    I would send these socks to my best friend Thalia. We have known each other since the 9th grade, and it’s been 6 years already, but I feel like I’ve known her for ever longer than that. I moved this semester to continue college in SFSU, while she’s still back at home. I rarely get to visit because it’s so far, so I’m really sad about that still ): If I won, I would send her this through mail and tell her how much I miss her & how much she means to me. Even though we’re long distance now, we still text and talk and catch up with everything ^^ I love her so much ! ❤ & the plus side, is that she LOVES socks!! She tells me she hates her feet, so she always buys cute silly socks to cover her small feet hahaha !! & this would be even more perfect because there's notes in it! ❤ Thanks !! (:

  7. Dianna Thomas

    OOOOOOOOOh these look warm and comfy– just intime for Christmas Holiday and all Winter long…HOHOHOHOHO

    • Dianna Thomas

      I forgot to tell you that Id give the two my sweet daughter– who is always cold-Bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr– its 30 at 7pm teehee

  8. Jan Seymour

    Thank you for picking me as one of your winners. This is GREAT! You have really made my Christmas extra special (along with all my friends that are getting ‘Secret Socks Surprise’ packages for Christmas). THANK YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone at K. Bell Socks.

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