Support our Furry Friends!


April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and most people are showing their support by wearing the color orange or volunteering at a local animal shelter! Today we are giving away our “Rainbow Stripe Paw Prints” as a way to show support support! Just comment below for a chance to win!

17 responses to “Support our Furry Friends!

  1. Laura

    cute socks! I have a dog that’s half rat terrier and half mini australian shepherd. She’s all black (like super dark, jet black) with white paws – so cute!! She knows how to sit, lay down, shake, give a one-pawed and a two-pawed high five, hop up onto my arm with two paws, and give a kiss 🙂 smart puppy!

  2. Lincy L Han

    I love pets!

  3. Greg

    Very cute socks! I love animals I try an help all animals I see that are hurt an need help. I have a dog that’s chiuaua shes tan an she knows how to say meow meow, I love you and Obama. She is a smart dog.

  4. gosh–these are just so cute–I have a chaweiner,ashelter,arazor back, and a red nose(Those are pits)they are my babies– Gizzy our chaweiner–is the boss, and a bully–lol–all the same these are the cutes socks– You have a wonderful day.

  5. Prasert

    These socks are adorable. I help out with the Lost Cat and Dog Rescue Foundation and it feels amazing to get dogs adopted!

  6. Linda

    OMG I love these socks. I love dogs so so much, I have a corgi who is the sweetest baby ever which is why I love volunteering with animal shelters!

  7. Donna

    My daughter would love these socks!

  8. Ann

    Dog lover! 🙂

  9. Barbara

    Awwww….. A Cause for Paws

  10. Fiona

    I miss my pets!

  11. mustang96csr

    I would love to win these! I have two Boston Terriers, and I support ending animal cruelty!

  12. Excellent giveaway and super fun & cute socks!!! I’ve got two cats who love to rub on my toes – maybe they’ll get to rub on these soon! (;

  13. Safiye

    Living away for college makes me realize just how much being with my kitty increases the quality of my life and emotional health. We have to take care of our animals, because they take care of us! Can’t wait for summer break when I can go back home and spend time with her!

  14. Amy

    I miss my brother’s pet turtle! He’s had it for about 10 years now.

  15. Serena Lamb

    So cute!!!! I help out with the cats and kittens at our local animal shelter and these should totally be part of the uniform!!!

  16. Teri

    I have two very loving and wonderful cats; Cheddar and Mitts. We try to support our Dog and Cat Shelter as much as possible.

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