K. Bell Socks- Cute Socks!

Bugs, buttons, animals – what do they all have in common? Why, they’re cute, and so are the most adorable pairs of our K. Bell cute socks!

Whether you want to try out a whimsical pair of socks for the first time or add to your ever-growing collection, our cutest socks range from animals and text messages to unique prints and colorful alternatives to plain white socks. With an emphasis on the unexpectedly delightful, these socks are as witty and winning as you.

For women, we have cute socks that will make you swoon. Our message socks with brightly colored stripes let you express every LOL, OMG and WTF moment you’re having, while our Mix It Up Knee High Socks offer a variety of multicolored polka dots, stripes and stars that work with any outfit. If you love animals, you’ll go wild for our cutest socks with the openings shaped like the mouths of flamingos, alligators, goldfish and more. Make your socks even more endearing with prints that take on other shoes, like our Ballet Slipper Socks in pink and lavender. We even have a sneaky pair of Ninjas Socks! Best of all, the cotton, polyester, acrylic and spandex blends make them a perfectly cute yet comfortable fit.

Don’t go searching for a sweeter deal. Priced as low as $7 and up to $15, they’re an affordable and appealing way to show off your cutest side. Get a pair of cute K. Bell socks and accessorize the best part of your loveable self!




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K. Bell + Instagram

Who says Mondays can’t be exciting?? Today we launched our Instagram account!! Follow the fun HERE


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The sun is shining and life is good… especially after you head over to kbellsocks.com and use the below code to get 15% off your order this weekend!!

Enjoy 🙂


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Keep Going for the Gold!

Go Team USA!! As of today, our medal count is 32,  making us the number two country in the WOLRD! 

thanks google! 

… and we are showing no signs of stopping!

In honor of our 15 gold medals, we are giving away our Gold Metallic Ribbed Crew!

 Comment below and share with us your favorite part of the Olympics so far!

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World’s Greatest Dad …

We have put together a great gift guide to help find that perfect gift for Dad.

1. Men’s Xtremely Soft Crew:  So simple, they’re perfect for any dad!

2. Men’s All Over Ties Crew: Dad won’t need to wear a tie with these!

3. Men’s Video Game Color Blocks: Got a gamer dad? He will get the high score in these!

4. Men’s Rugby Stripe:  Basic rugby stripe sock; perfect for all dads! Comes in two other colors!!

5. Men’s Argyle Sock: Argyles go great with anything! Comes in two other colors!!

6. Men’s Shark Sock: Dads will get a bite outa life with these! (and maybe a couple laughs!)

7. Men’s Striped Liner 2-Pack: Perfect for summer weather, these liners are designed to not be seen while wearing shoes

AND while you are at kbellsocks.com pick yourself up some goodies, like our 6 pair pack No Shows!

 Comment below for a chance to win Dad’s gift!

and check out Kate & Kayleigh’s latest video HERE 

Support our Furry Friends!


April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and most people are showing their support by wearing the color orange or volunteering at a local animal shelter! Today we are giving away our “Rainbow Stripe Paw Prints” as a way to show support support! Just comment below for a chance to win!

Kind is Always in Fashion!

Holding a door open, helping someone with their groceries, paying it forward, or even just saying hello! These are all acts of kindness and it’s never too late to start being kind! Everyday should be random act of kindness day! To celebrate this week, we are giving away a pair of awesome K. Bell socks to EVERYONE who comments on this blog!

Share the kindness with your friends!


HOORAY HOORAY for President’s Day!

Thank you to all who participated, our winner has been chosen!

Check back next Thursday for another chance to win! 

Another three-day weekend is just around the corner, so let’s celebrate the real reason for the holiday! President’s Day began as a national holiday in 1885 to honor Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th and George Washington’s birthday on February 22nd. This year we recognize all 44 Presidents on February 20th. Why not show your patriotic pride on your feet this year? Share with us what you’ll be doing for the long weekend for a chance to win some stars and stripes! Good luck!!

Click here to learn more about our Presidents!

Love is in the Air

Thank you to all who participated, our winners have been chosen!

Check back next Thursday for another chance to win!

Everywhere you go, you see hearts, teddy bears, and flowers, hmmm, must be the season of LOVE! But why is everything pink, red, or purple? What about the guys? Forget the candy filled red heart this year, step outside of the box and get him what he really loves, SOCKS! He can get all soft and cozy with our great selection of super soft socks! We’ve got you covered on a gift that is manly for your man! There are many styles to choose from including our Luxe Soft Stripe, Lodge Crew Sock, or our Soft Xtreme Pinstripe. Surprise him and comment below for your chance to win these Luxe Soft Stripe socks! Good luck!


Check back next week for more chances to win!

Give a Thoughtful Gift!

If you’re like me, you haven’t even thought about what to get everyone for the holidays yet! Luckily K. Bell can help! Send loved ones a wearable greeting with our Socks with Thoughts! Each sock comes on an insert with plenty of room to write a personal message and a colorful envelope to send anywhere! Everyone loves adorable comfy socks to wear, and this week we are giving away all six, yes SIX, of our holiday Socks with Thoughts collection! Comment below and tell us who you would send a Sock with Thoughts to, and be entered to win one of the holiday sets!

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